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How To Plan A New Year's Eve Wedding

Summer is just around the corner but we are a little over 6 months away from New Year's Eve.  In real life this means nothing other than you have 6 more months to work on that resolution you made.  In the wedding world, this means you need to move fast to start or finish up your wedding plans on the biggest night of the year.  To successfully pull of a New Year's Eve Wedding here are some helpful wedding planning tips to help you out.

1) Send Save The Dates - It doesn't matter what day of the week New Year's Eve is, you must send your guests save the dates because people always make plans.  Even if those plans mean staying in, people usually have a tradition or some kind of ritual on how they bring in the New Year so give them at least 6 months heads up that this year you would like them to spend their New Year with you.

2) Book Your Vendors ASAP - New Years Eve is a very popular day to get married. There are 52 Saturday nights but there is only one New Year's Eve.  Your favorite venue may be taken before you know it. Your vendors may also book fast or  they may not even work on New Year's Eve. You want to know as early as possible what your options are so look fast and book as soon as you find the right vendors for you.

3) Increase Your Budget - Plan to spend a little more than you expected for a New Year's Eve Wedding.  Many venues and vendors charge a little more for holiday weddings.  You are probably thinking why but think of them just like other employees.  Most people
that work on a holiday will get paid time and half, it's the same concept. 

4) Ceremony Location - Your ceremony will probably not be able to happen in your house of worship.  There are usually special services to bring in the New Year.  So if this is an important factor for you may want to reconsider having a New Year's Eve
Wedding. Find out if they are willing to perform your ceremony earlier in the day before the New Year's Eve services begin.  I highly suggest having your ceremony in the same location as your reception.  This will avoid you and your guests getting stuck in traffic.  Choose an officiant early to guarantee availability.  

5) Make It Worth Wild - You don't want to invite your guests to just another wedding.  You want to make it worth ditching their usually New Year's Eve plans.  Make the night full of unexpected surprises and like no other wedding they have ever been to.  Make your menu interesting, have band and a DJ or give them a view of the fireworks they never get to see.  Whatever it is, you want to make it memorable.  
 Bonus!Now if you are getting married New Year's Eve 2012 I hope you have
already done the first 3 tips.  There is still time for tip number 4.  If you are getting married New Year's Eve 2013, then now is a good time to start planning because it falls on a Thursday and Thursdays are now becoming a very popular day to get married
Do you need tips on how to wow your wedding guests for your New Year's Eve wedding? Send me an email at
DJoseph@weddedluxe.com  and I will help you get started.


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