Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Destination Wedding Planning

During the month of January we discussed the first steps of wedding planning but that was for those couples that are having weddings in their home town. Now we are going to dedicate some time to destination wedding planning.

The key to planning any wedding is to start off with a good plan. The first steps you take will help the rest of the planning process run smoothly if you start out with a good plan. So now let's talk about the first steps to planning your destination wedding.

Choose a Destination
Choosing the country is easy.  Most couples pick their favorite vacation spot or some where they have always wanted to see. What you really need to focus on is where exactly your wedding will take place. Will it be a hotel? A venue? Indoors? Outdoors? Do want to get married in a church? You also need to know their marriage requirements as well. Many countries have different laws and you want to make sure your wedding is legal.

Choose a Date
Timing is everything when it comes to planning a destination wedding. Not only do you have to consider holidays, your schedules but you also have to consider the current weather conditions for your destination. Hurricane season, rainy season, or winter can all play apart in the time of year you choose to get married.  Some countries are complete opposite of the weather conditions you may leave in.

Wedding Websites
You should set up a wedding website when planning a destination wedding. This will be the hub of all the information your guests need for their trip. It should include your wedding date, destination, accommodation information, weekend itinerary, point of contact if you are working with a travel agent, travel documents needed and of course some details about you. Your love story, the bridal party and any fun facts.

Save the Dates
You should send your STD out one year before your wedding date. It should include your date of course, the destination of choice and link to your wedding website. Also let your guests know a formal invitation will follow.

Live.Laugh.Love….. Luxuriate!

Deniesha Joseph

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