Thursday, May 17, 2012

Inspiration Board - New Year's Eve Wedding

If I’m going to pass around New Year’s Eve wedding planning advice then it is only right that we have some New Year’s Eve inspiration to go with it.  I love New Year’s Eve and a wedding on the biggest night of the year is amazing to me.  For one, I love to get dressed up and people always dress up for weddings.  A New Year’s Eve wedding will only inspire the best dressed.  For me, a New Year’s Eve wedding is black tie required.  Here’s my New Year’s Eve Inspiration board!

Photo Credit: 1) TheKnot, 2) Instyle Weddings 3) TheKnot, 4) TheKnot,
5) Project Weddings 6) Oh Lovely Day, 7) TheKot

Tip: Black Tie does not mean Black and White attire is required.  It simply means women wear long gowns and men wear black or dark tuxedos or suites with a tie.  I just love a Black & White Wedding and I think New Year's Eve is the best opportunity to get your guests to wear it without much complaints. 

Bonus: Want to guide your wedding guests on what black tie means? Put an explanation on your wedding website.  When you send your Save The Dates, simply add your wedding website.  On the site you can add a section letting your guests know your wedding will be black tie required and what that means.  

Do you need some help getting inspired for your wedding? Send me your wedding colors and theme at  and I will create an inspiration board just for you!! 

Live.Laugh.Love….. Luxuriate!

Deniesha  Joseph

Wedded Luxe

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