Monday, April 6, 2009

We Have A Winner!!

We Have A Winner!!!!!!!

Now I couldn’t wait until the April 15th to pick a winner so this weekend I rounded up the staff and we made a decision. And now the winner of the first annual Holiday Proposal Contest is. . .

The Happy Couple is Sarah & Stephen!!

Congratulations to the happy couple. We loved the proposal and your love story. Thank you to everyone that participated in the contest. Your stories made it very difficult to choose a winner. Unfortunately there can only be one winner but all is not lost. Each contestant will receive $200 off of any planning package of their choice. Feel free to contact us at any time to set up a free consultation!! Email me @ or call at 718.938.4713. We would love to help you plan your wedding!!

Here is the love story of the winning couple!!

Love story: My fiancé and I met at an Asian speed dating event in July of 2007. In our 5 minute chat, we talked mostly about our international travels. We got "matched" after we both picked each other and exchanged emails to set up our first date. We went out on a first date at Otaisho, a Japanese restaurant on St. Marks Place. After our second date, I decided that I didn't like him because he was a germ-phobe and I thought he might be gay from his high intonational speech patterns (I'm a speech language pathologist). After the second date, he invited me out to a Korean movie festival via email and I responded back saying that I couldn't reciprocate his interest, but we could continue on as activity partners if he wanted. He wrote back an email saying that he thought that watching movies is an activity and he really wasn't interested in being more than friends. I didn't bother responding to his email because I thought his bitchy attitude didn't deserve a response. A few months passed and we met again at the same speed dating event in December 2007. We were assigned to the same group again, which was a coincidence since he lied down about his age the first time and I lied up about my age the second time round. We caught up with each other during our speed "date" and had a fun and pleasant conversation. We even talked about going ice skating (as friends). I invited him out to eat after speed dating with a group of my friends and we all had a good time. A little over a week later, both of us played hooky from work to try to use the last of our vacation days for the year. We went ice skating in Bryant Park with my other guy friend. We became friends and about 1 month later the friendship turned into romance on New Year's 2008 (my birthday). Together we have explored Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, New Jersey, Connecticut, Montreal, Maryland, Virginia, DC, Vermont, and Egypt. We look forward to a lifetime of roadtrips, foreign lands, and strong stomachs. We hope to incorporate some travel themes (tables by country, guestbook of our travel pictures) into our wedding celebration since we both love to travel.

Proposal: My fiance Stephen suggested that we head up to Vermont for some skiing before the end of winter. He organized a trip to Vermont on Valentine's/President's Day weekend. He researched where to stay and booked a room at the Belding House bed and breakfast in Moretown. This was a little out of the ordinary since I had planned all of our previous trips together. We went to a lovely Valentine's dinner at Mary’s at Baldwin Creek. In our absence, the innkeepers Clif and Larry (who were in on the surprise) had decorated the room with silk rose petals and chilled a special bottle of Dom Perignon champagne that we had been saving for a special occasion. My fiance proposed to me with a wedding invitation that he had specially prepared (via Vistaprint) inviting me to our wedding celebration. Then we drank the champagne (couldn't even finish the bottle!) and got red in the face because we're Asian and lack that enzyme that processes alcohol (thus no drinking on our wedding day until the fat lady sings!)

Stay tuned for the planning details for Sarah and Stephen. Their wedding is set for 8/29/09

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph
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