Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebrate Your Culture - How To Hire The Right Wedding DJ

Have you ever been to a wedding and the DJ played the one or two cliche songs that are suppose to represent your culture that everyone in your family hates because it's cliche to play that song? We've all been there at some point.  The DJ that promised to cater to all types of music really only knows the songs they hear on the radio. They don't really know the music that your family and friends know and love.  I never hire DJ's that cannot name their specialty.  I'm sorry but everyone has one and they should know what it is.  I have a specialty. I plan and design weddings for couples that wish to celebrate their culture and their personal style as well.  Yes, there are DJ's that know all types of music and have a great selection but that doesn't mean they are the expert wedding DJ for your culture.

You want to hire the expert wedding DJ.  Choosing the right DJ that will properly represent your culture can be tricky.  Most DJ's say they can play anything and if you have any songs you want to hear at your wedding you can simply give them the list and they will make it happen.  Well that's not what you want for your wedding.  You want a DJ that is familiar with your culture's style of music, knows which songs are a hit and can execute with out a hitch.  The DJ that will make this happen is the DJ that specializes in the genre of music you are looking for as well as know the top 40 hits that everyone loves.  How do you find the perfect DJ? Here are three tips:

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1) The DJ at your favorite bar or night club probably DJ's weddings as well.  Don't hesitate to ask them for their contact information and reach out to them.  Just make sure they have wedding experience as well.

2) If you had really good time at your friend's or family's wedding, ask them for a referral.  Previous brides are usually a good source for vendors. 

3) Most vendors advertise in their niche market.  Check blogs, online resources and magazines that cater to you culture for the DJ or entertainment companies that advertise there. 

Do you need help on how to hire the best vendors for to fit your wedding?  Send me an email at  and I will give you some tips!!

Live.Laugh.Love….. Luxuriate!

Deniesha  Joseph
Wedded Luxe

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