Friday, January 8, 2010

Wedding Colors for 2010 – Turquoise

For the 2010 wedding seasons, we will see a lot of bright, vibrant colors. One of the most popular colors is Turquoise!! Which was also named color of the year by Patone. This bold shade of blue will add a dramatic and unexpected touch to your color palette. You can add subtle touches or let it shine as the main focus.  Here are some great combos that are sure to popular this year.

Colors: Turquoise & White
Accent Colors: Gray

Photo Credits: 1) Vases TheKnot 2) Vintage Car StyleMePretty 3) Flower Girl Dress MyKateParkerWedding 4 ) Shoes Project Wedding 5) Cocktails TheKnot

Colors:  Turquoise & Orange
Accent Colors:  Ivory and Gold

Photo Credits: Top from left to right 1) Project Wedding, 2) The Knot, 3) Project Wedding, 4) Merriment Designs

Colors: Turquoise & Purple
Accent Colors: Blush, Mauve or Silver

Photo Credits Top from left to right 1) CeCi New York, All other from The Knot

Color: Turquoise & Yellow
Accent Colors: White or Ivory

Photo Credits Top from left to right 1) Project Wedding, 2) (snippet & ink) 3) The Knot, 4 & 5) Project Weddings

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph
Wedded Luxe


Katherine said...

Good eye! We're leaking new color ideas to our brides, so I'll be sure to send them back to this article for a look at Turquoise...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

how about turquoise and cream? my wedding is this summer. will cream be good with turquoise and silver accent?

Wedded Luxe said...

Hi Anonymous,

Turquoise and cream with gold or silver accents is a great combination as well. If you have any more question feel free to email me directly. Thanks for reading my blog!!

Anonymous said...

Turquoise is my favorite color and I'm glad to see that it has been chosen as the wedding color of 2010. My fiance and I are using the turquoise and yellow combination for our May 2, 2010 wedding. We originally chose white as our accent color (honestly he did because he had considered buying a white tuxedo); however, now that I purchased an ivory dress, I'm worried my dress may clash. Any thoughts??

Wedded Luxe said...

Hi Anonymous,

I think your fiance should find get an ivory/beige tuxedo. White is very white next to ivory. It's not going to clash but the ivory/beige will look much better. Good Luck and Happy Planning!!

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