Monday, January 25, 2010

Destination Weddings

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I was on vacation last week spending time with my family in St. Lucia. As I mentioned, almost everything I do ends up relating to weddings in some way. Hey, I’m a wedding planner, it’s in my blood so it’s only right to discuss Destination Weddings.

I was recently chatting with a friend of mind and she was telling me about her trip to St. Lucia. She was there for her friend’s wedding and didn’t get a chance to enjoy the island because the entire time they were there, they were preparing for the wedding. If you are having a destination wedding, do not rule out a wedding planner. You want to enjoy the entire wedding experience. That’s the point of a destination wedding. You shouldn’t have to worry about these last minute details, let the professionals handle that while you sip tropical drinks by the pool and spend time with your guest that have traveled to be there for you.

Tip: When searching for a destination, search for resorts that have wedding planners on hand. Find out what services they will provide. Remember they work for the resort, not for you so putting your favors together may not be apart of their job description.

Tip: Many wedding planners work exclusively on Destination Weddings, you can find one that has experience with the resort of choice or they can recommend one for you. Most wedding planners (good ones) will and can plan a wedding any where in the world so seek help from a planner in your hometown. I know I would be happy to help!! (shameless plug)

Tip: Arrive at least 2 to 3 days before your wedding to finalize meeting with your vendors. You should also give yourself an extra day to handle your vendor meetings before your guest arrive. Usually, you have to be in the country 2 – 3 business days in order to obtain your marriage license.

For more helpful tips, check out a post I did last year on planning a Destination Wedding!

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph
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Inviting Company said...

Love your blog! Thanks for all of the great ideas!

Wedded Luxe said...

Thanks!! I appreciate the support.

Major Chedda said...

Thanks soooo much for doing this post. I have been thinking loooong & hard about this option!

D, I've decided that I want to have a destination wedding with a really grand reception/party for all my family & friends when I get back. Now of course pricing can be high no matter what you do (depending on how BIG you do things) however I was looking at this option as a way to save $$. Do you think this is a smart plan or is this just as expensive (generally speaking) as a traditional church wedding/reception?

Keep in mind that I plan on having approx. 25-30 ppl at the destination.

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