Monday, January 18, 2010

Wedding Planning - A Show Stopping Event

One cold Friday night I was seeking inspiration for the blog. When it didn’t come I decided to watch TV and one of my favorite movies of all time came on “The Conte of Monte Cristo” and I found my inspiration. It’s about a man who was sentence to life in jail for a crime he didn’t commit and then he escapes, finds treasure and makes a plan to seek revenge on the people who have ruined his life. (insert evil laugh here) I know your thinking what does this have to do with weddings but wait let me explain.

There’s a part of the move when he host an extravagant event to introduce himself to the people of his new city. He delivers these beautiful invitations with gold calligraphy writing. All the guests waiting on a beautiful manicured lawn while enjoying cocktails then the conte made his grand entrance with fireworks, a hot air balloon and acrobatic dancers.

The point of the story is the event was a well thought out and entertaining. By no means am I suggesting for anyone to arrive in a hot air balloon. Just keep these factors in mind when you are planning your wedding. The guests were entertained from start and I’m going to assume finish since they don’t show the whole party. That should be your goal when you are planning your wedding. You want your guest to walk away feeling like I just had the best time ever and you don’t need a lot to make this happen. Just keep your guests in mind and have a well thought out plan. Yes it is your day but you are inviting your closest friends and family to share this day with you.

Food: People love good food so be sure to choose a catering hall or caterer with a great menu and an excellent reputation for tasty treats. Also try something different from the standard chicken, beef or fish. Mix it up with food stations serving different kinds of cuisines.

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Beverages: If your budget allows for it, have the open bar with premium liquor. If you are watching your dollars, serve wine, beer, soft drinks and 2 or 3 specialty drinks. The specialty drinks will take the focus away from the no open bar issue.

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Entertainment:. Add an element of surprise. Your guests are expecting a DJ or a band. Give them some more entertainment with a professional dance group, a marching band or a photo booth equipped with props.

PhotoCredits: TheKnot

Invitations: Your invitation is the start to a great wedding. It’s the introduction to your wedding day and the experience your guest will receive. Leave your guest wanting more with beautiful stationary. A good invitation will heighten the anticipation to your big day.

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph
Wedded Luxe - Luxury Planning & Couture Designs

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Leslie - Wedding Noise said...

I actually think showing up to your wedding in a hot air balloon would be awesome (more interesting than some vintage Rolls Royce for sure.). I also have to agree with you about how people expect a DJ or a a few string players. I say shake it up with your laptop connected to an audio station where people can vote up songs they want to hear from your list.
Also, I hope your family is doing well in St. Lucia. I'm sure you don't see them as much as you want to.
On a business note, friends of mine at Exclusively Weddings said if I ever ran into a quality wedding related website (like this one) to ask if they might be interested in accepting some type of sponsorship? Is it possible to have them listed under a new category in your navigation like "Wedding Vendors" or something like that? How much do you charge for something like that? ...blah...blah...etc...
On a personal note, I am also interested in exchanging blog links with you on your blog. How would you like your blog listed on my wedding blogroll? I could probably get you added within a day or two if interested.

Look forward to hearing back from you either way and keep up the great posts!!

Leslie Jenkins
Editor - Wedding & Engagement Noise

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