Friday, January 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Wedding Inspiration

The holidays are over but there is one more left, Valentine’s Day!! Valentine’s Day is a day of love and romance. It’s one of the most popular days for engagements and of course weddings. A Valentine’s Day wedding is great because you automatically have a theme and color scheme. Red is the color of love and represents the holiday perfectly. Of course don’t forget the-oh -so feminine pink which is sweet and pretty. But don’t make your wedding all about Valentine’s Day; it should still represent you as a couple. Your wedding doesn’t have to be dripping with hearts and cupids. There are subtle ways to make the day romantic, about love and not the typical Valentine’s Day décor. Here is some inspiration for all my Valentine’s Day Brides.

Colors: Red & Black
Theme: Sexy & Bold

Photo Credits Left to Right: 1) TheKnot, 2) Project Weddings, 3) TheKnot 4) TheKnot, 5) TheKnot, 6) TheKnot

Colors: Pink & Gold
Theme: Romantic & Soft

Photo Credits Left to Right: 1) Project Wedding, 2) 3,4 & 5) Project Wedding

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