Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Backyard Weddings

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Recently one of my BFF’s got engaged and I’m super excited of course. Naturally she reached out to me for some planning advice. She had a great idea to have her wedding in her soon to be MIL’s backyard because she assumed it would cheaper and easier. This is a big misconception; cheaper maybe but definitely not easier. When planning a wedding at home here are things to consider:
You need to know if you have enough space to accommodate your guests. Weddings at home are usually smaller. Having more than 100 guests is highly unlikely unless you live on a ranch, farm of have acres of land. If you are having your ceremony at home as well, you need to make sure you have the room to accommodate both.

If you are planning a wedding at home, is probably during the summer which means a lot of sun and there’s always a chance of showers. I highly recommend a tent if it rains or not. Sitting in the sun for hours isn’t exactly the most comfortable situation for you or your guests. Also if it rains, you already have your Plan B in place.
You will have to rent everything including a bathroom!! Chairs, tables, linens, glasses, flatware, and anything else you don’t have at home will need to be rented. This can add up faster than you think. You will also have to a dance floor installed and lighting. This can be handled by the same company you rent your tent from.

The Grounds
You need to prepare the grounds way before the wedding. This includes maintaining the lawn and planting flowers. You have to plant flowers early so they can be in full bloom by the time your wedding day arrives. Seek the help of a professional landscaper at least 6 months before your wedding so they can advise you on what flowers to plant and how to care for your garden throughout the year.
Have your vendors of choice meet with you at your home so they can access the grounds and be well prepared. They need to know what they need in order to serve you. Before you sign on the dotted line make sure this is a situation they are familiar with or at the very least can deliver exactly what you are asking fo
Seek Help
Having a wedding at home doesn’t mean home made. You will need the professional help of a wedding planner throughout the wedding planning process and for the day of your wedding. There are many details that go into planning a wedding and a wedding at home is no different. If anything, you will need more help than the average wedding. You don’t want to miss any of these details and a wedding planner will think of things you may have not considered.
Having a wedding at home is very personal and intimate. It can be done and executed beautifully if planned correctly. So don’t be discourage, just make sure your home of choice can accommodate your wedding vision.

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph


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