Sunday, June 13, 2010

Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself!!

So sorry for the absence I have taken from blogging. I had to take some time to regroup and recharge my batteries. During this time away, I’ve come to realize some things. Here is how it all started.

As my faithful followers all know, I’ve changed the name of company and redesigned everything. This was a huge undertaking and I was very excited to do it. However, it didn’t all go as I imagined. I thought with the new name, website, blog and logo, things would change dramatically for me. Instead what happen was things stayed the same. It put me in a serious slump but I kept pushing through. Then I went to a great conference back in April called Eventology. I totally got my mojo back but only for a moment. I learned so much and I met so many wonderful people but then I slightly lost the mojo again.

So while trying to find my mojo I did a lot of thinking and research and I’ve found it once again. So like the title reads, allow me to reintroduce myself:

I am Deniesha Joseph, the planner and designer of Wedded Luxe. I love planning and designing weddings for couples. All couples yes but every couple may not be for me. The couple that works best with me usually is just like me. First or second generation of immigrant family that now lives in NYC. The couple loves their culture but they grew up here so they love being a New Yorker. That is me! First generation of a Caribbean Family but I am a New York to the core. My roots are very important to me but being born and raised in New York is a big part of who I am.

Now I love working with an array of couples but I think the best results will always come from a planner that really understands their clients and can relate to their clients’ needs. Without trying, almost all of my clients had the same common factor. Whether they were from the same background as me or totally different, we could relate and the result was a wedding day they will never forget, nor have I!!

Now I know you may be wondering what does this have to do with weddings. Well it is simple, if I don’t know who I am then I don’t know who my clients are and I can’t be the best I can be for my clients. Being the best for I can be for each client, every blog post or floral arrangement is the most important thing to me. Providing luxury service to my clients without the luxury price tag is what I stand for. If I’m not my best then I’m not providing luxury service.

Deniesha Joseph,
Wedded Luxe - Luxury Wedding Planning & Couture Designs

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