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2010 Wedding Trends

The engagement season is in full swing and new brides will be surfing the net and reading every wedding magazine available to find inspiration for their wedding. Of course they will all search for the latest wedding trends for 2010. Here are some trends I’m sure will be a part of the 2010 wedding season.

1) Wedding Shoes - From red bottoms to colorful shoes, brides are paying a lot of attention to their feet on their wedding day. Having a show stopping wedding shoe has been a big wedding trend for 2009 and I’m sure this trend will be seen in 2010.

Photo Courtesy of Southern Wedding Magazine

2) Intimate Weddings – many couples are opting for smaller more intimate weddings then the 200+ guests list. This trend is giving couples more room to have everything they want for their wedding without breaking the bank.

3) Eco Friendly Weddings – Watching your carbon foot print has gone from recycling and hybrid cars to weddings. Many couples are being environmentally conscious when it comes to their wedding day. Choosing eco friendly vendors, using invitation made out of recycle paper and even eco friendly wedding gowns. And no, eco friendly does not mean vegan.  For great tips on having an eco-friendly wedding check out  Eco-Beautiful Magazine.

4) Hair Accessories – Tiara’s will always be a part of weddings but many brides are seeking alternatives. From headbands to feathers the options are endless these days. It’s modern and chic and here to stay for 2010.

Photo Courtesy of Sara Gabriel

5) Bridesmaids Dresses – Letting your besties shine with different dresses has been a growing trend for a couple of wedding seasons but in 2009 the trend stepped it up by having your bridal party in different colors as well. Having your girls in complimenting colors or different shades of the same color for a monochromatic look will be a fresh change for bridal party attire.

Photo Courtesy of The Bride's Cafe

6) The Second Dress – Having your LWD (Little White Dress) to change into for your reception has been a big trend but brides are stepping it up a notch and adding some color. Having a second dress to cut a rug in doesn’t have to be white any more.

Photo Courtesy of Brooklyn Bride

7) Ceremony D├ęcor – choosing your aisle style has gone beyond to arrangement at the altar. Brides are adding more flair to their ceremony. Dressing up your pews and custom made aisle runners are just a few ways to jazz up your ceremony space. You can also change your ceremony by changing the layout all together.  Instead of the traditional aisle, you can have your guest in a round formation with you and your groom at the center.

Photo Courtesy of Colin Cowie

8) Early Weddings – Saturday night will always be the fan favorite for weddings but early weddings are gaining tractions. Having an early lunch or for some couple even a brunch wedding is pretty popular. Of course the biggest benefit is you save money!

9) Engagement photos – Many photographers are including engagement photos in their package because of the high demand for it. Couples are displaying them at the reception, using them for save the dates or taken the time to get comfortable behind the camera. Couples are also adding some fun by using props during their session.

Photo Courtesy of Dante Williams Photography

10) Homemade Favors – Giving your guest something a little more personal is great way to say thank you. Preparing your grandma’s famous cookies and sharing the recipe with your guest is a lot more personal then wine stoppers.

Whatever trends you choose just remember the best trend is to be yourself!! Wedding trends are great but nothing is better than you. Find a trend you love and make it your own.

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