Monday, January 17, 2011

Wedding Venue - Room Transformation

Last week we discussed selecting the right venue and what makes it the right venue for you. Well sometimes the right venue is almost perfect but we need to make some changes to make absolutely perfect.  It fits everything you need for a great reception but the decor could use some tweaking , this is no reason to change your venue.  There are ways to fix this minor set back.

Chair covers or changing out the chairs will dramatically change the room. When you have 150 burgundy chairs in a room it’s a focal point.  Cover them with your matching colors or ivory chair covers to give a neutral look. Also consider changing out the chairs if your venue has space to store the other chairs.

Photo Credit: The Cloth Connection

Draping the room with a neutral color will create a whole new color palette to the room. This will cover any fixtures that can’t be removed from the room while providing you with a whole new look to play with.

Photo Credit: Elite Rental

Lighting can do wonders to plain room and hide what you don’t want your guests to see.  With the right lighting, you can highlight the pretty things and dim the lights on the not so pretty.  Also it can change the color of a room instantly. 

The Lighting Guy

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Wedding Venues in Kent said...

I love the "The Lighting Guy" concept of wedding ideas.

Wedded Luxe said...

Thanks, the lighting guy is a vendor that I use and love working with. That is his photo but the paragraph is all me!! Thanks for visiting the blog!

Long Island wedding venues said...

That's a nice transformation. Proper lighting can set the mood of the wedding venue.

andieclark said...

I'm surprised with the lighting because it made the room look cozy or look like a bar with the violet light. My sister's wedding at Long Island catering halls also had this but they have smoke machines that made the wedding more lovely.

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