Monday, January 3, 2011

First Steps To Planning Your Wedding

I usually start off the New Year with a list of the first steps you should take when planning your wedding. This year, I've decided to take a different approach.  Your very first step in wedding planning is......

Let me explain!

STOP: Stop and take it all in.  You're excited, your family is excited, your friends, your coworkers even the lady that does your manicure is happy to hear your good news.  So enjoy this moment of sharing the good news with the people who love you.  This maybe a once in a lifetime moment for you and your fiancée so enjoy it to the fullest.

DROP: Drop the wedding wedding magazines you just purchased, step away from the television, close the binder your BFF gave you as a gift and don't surf the web for hours (but please continue to read this blogpost).  There is a lot of inspiration and wedding planning advice out there. Your friends and family also have some advice to share with you but before you start looking at anything, you should make some solid decisions.  Just you and your fiancée.

ROLL: Roll with this happy feeling for a little while.  Just be giddy for a moment.  Be the girl that gazes are ring on a crowded subway when everyone else is upset that there are delays but you can't help but smile. I am not saying that there will be no happy times during the planning process, there will be plenty of them but there will also be stress, busy schedules, debates over the right shade of white and countless hours of you going over every little detail of your wedding.  The planning process is so much fun, but this feeling of  "I'm so in love I just want scream" is priceless! I want you to enjoy it to the fullest!!

Live.Laugh.Love….. Luxuriate!

Deniesha Joseph

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