Friday, January 7, 2011

5 Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

This week has been all about the side of wedding planning we don’t really like to talk about. The ugly side we try to ignore but we must address so we can avoid these mishaps. I’m ending this week with common wedding planning mistakes to avoid. Next week I’ll go back to all the pretty little things!

Over Budget:
This happens very often to a lot of couples. You start planning, you book the venue, hire vendors and before you know it you’re 10k over budget. How did you get there? One possibility is you probably didn’t set a realistic budget to begin with and two you selected vendors that weren’t in your price range. You must have a realistic and definite number on what you are comfortable with and you also need to know how much your dream wedding will cost you. If you are planning for 200 guests, please don’t expect to spend 15k, that is not realistic. You either have to up the budget or cut the guest list. Also give yourself a price range not just a number. You should have a little wiggle room for mishaps or some extras you decide to throw in.

Keep Your Theme In Mind:
Every aspect of your wedding will help add to your overall theme/feel of your wedding day. It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the great ideas out there for your to choose from but all of them are not for your wedding.     I know they tell you that you can have it all but truth be told you can't! You can have a lot but make sure it all fits within your vision.  Your personal style will always shine through if you stay true to yourself and not the latest trends.

Wasting Money:
I know I told you not to go over budget but you should never choose a venue or vendor solely based on price. You found a venue that’s half the price than all the others you’ve looked at but you know what it probably looks it. Now you will have to spend that extra money sprucing up the place to your likings. Spend wisely and get the best bang for your buck. It will save you a lot of time and sanity if you do.

Forgetting Your Guests:
It’s your day we all know this but you are hosting a party for your friends and family so you need to keep them in mind. You will have everything you want just remember what your guests like in the process. So if you have a family that loves to party, eat and drink, then you should have a rocking DJ and/or band, a great menu with an open bar to boot! You will not enjoy your wedding if your guests are bored to tears.

Loosing Focus:
Your wedding is about the new life you are about to start. It’s not about the flowers, the cake or the dress. It’s about you, your fiancée, the love you have for each other and the love of your family and friends. If you don’t lose sight of the bigger picture, you will enjoy your wedding planning process a lot more, trust me. When something doesn’t go according to plan just remember what the day is all about it. This will make finding a solution to the situation will be easy.

Live.Laugh.Love….. Luxuriate!

Deniesha Joseph

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