Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wedding Planning Myth Busting

Everyone knows what a wedding is and all it entails but do you know what it really takes to plan a wedding? I bet your answer is yes but there are some myths that I come across every now and again that I would like clear up for all my newly engaged couples out there.

Myth #1 - Destination Weddings Are So Much Easier
A destination wedding for a group of people still requires planning.  If you are eloping this statement does not apply to you.  I'm talking to the couples out there that are inviting at least 20 of their friends and family to a location outside of their home town and will require some level of traveling.  You will have to put in some work with coordinating a destination wedding.  Yes it maybe a tad bit easier but it's not free of any planning, decision making or organization on your part.

Myth #2 - I Saw It On Show Once
I love reality television as much as the next person.  I watch most wedding related shows but keep in mind these people are on television. So when that planner secures a couple a great venue for a knock out price it's all for television.  The vendor is aware of the free marketing they will receive by doing their colleague/buddy a huge favor for the cameras.  We all can call in a favor but free or half the price is not reality. Also keep in mind that some shows pay for the couples dream wedding.  The services are usually donated by the vendors in exchange for the advertising they will receive.  Use the show for inspiration for your wedding, you may even find a vendor you like but don't be surprised at the price tag that comes with it.

Myth #3 -  I Can Do Everything Myself and!! You can not plan the biggest party of your life all by yourself.  A wedding is not just a party where you invite your guests, have food, drinks and music. That is just half the battle.  A wedding is full of well orchestrated details that all come together to create the wedding you have always dreamed of.  You will need guidance and assistance.  I will not go into my spiel on why you should hire a wedding planner just yet.  However I will tell you that if you want something done right ask for help not do it yourself.

Myth #4 - My Friends Don't Mind Helping Out
I recently read on another blog, my friends at Always A Bridesmaid about this same issue and I had to address it because I could not agree more. Your friends absolutely don't mind stuffing envelops and assembling favors but they do mind being your wedding planner/bridesmaid/florist/caterer on the day of your wedding.  Don't go too far with the DIY projects that require a lot of assistance from your friends and family.  Your friends want to be supportive not be your wedding planner.

Myth #5 – DOC Coordination is just the Day of My Wedding
Day of coordination really doesn’t exist. I’m sure where the phrase came from but it’s misleading. No good coordinator will swoop in the day before your wedding and start working at least no planners I know. You need at least the last month before your wedding with your coordinator so they ensure your wedding to do list is taken cared of. They also need to get to know more about you and your wedding. For this reason my equivalent to this package is called Final Touches because that’s what it is. We come in and help during those final weeks of wedding planning. Do you really want a stranger to just show up or do you want someone who completely understands you, your wedding and the vision?

Live.Laugh.Love….. Luxuriate!

Deniesha Joseph


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these words of wisdom. Sometimes brides and grooms can be unrealistic when determining the time needed to do a wedding properly, the logistics of putting a wedding together and the roles of those involved.

WeddingHappy said...

What a great list for the pragmatic bride and/or groom, we'll definitely be sharing this! Being realistic with wedding planning really reduces stress which makes for a much happier celebration, and isn't that the point?

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