Monday, March 21, 2011

Planning Tip - Choosing Vendors

Many couples spend hours trying to find the perfect vendors for their wedding.  The right photographer, the right DJ, the right florist and the list goes on.  The process can consume a lot of your free time.  When you are suppose to be enjoying your engagement, your are now surfing the Internet, flipping through magazines and attending many meetings just to pick the perfect vendor team.  Well let me save you some time with these tips.

1) There are thousands of wedding photographers, florist, DJ's, band, musician and so on.  You can't meet them all so don't try.  You will only confuse yourself and make choosing your vendors all the more difficult.  You should express your vision clearly to your wedding planner and let them choose the best vendors for you.  Your wedding planner will be able to select the vendors that best fit your style, personality and budget.  They will show you options that best fit you.

2) If you have not hired a wedding planner, ask for recommendations.  Wedding vendors travel in packs.  Your venue knows photographers, your stationer knows a calligrapher and your DJ knows a lighting company. These are their colleagues that they have worked with and they trust so you should trust their opinion as well. 

3) If you're not the first of your friends and family to get married, ask them about the wedding vendors they hired for their wedding.  These are real brides with experience and they can tell you their personal experience with the vendors they used.  You can trust them because if a bride is left unhappy with a vendor they will be sure to let you know but if they were happy, they love to share their news.  Be careful with these recommendations because the right vendor for them isn't necessarily the right one for you. 

Live.Laugh.Love….. Luxuriate!

Deniesha Joseph

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