Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Reason To Hire A Wedding Planner

I recently heard a wedding planning story that made me very sad and I had to share it so this doesn't happen to other brides.  A friend of friend got married this past September and something went wrong the day before her wedding.  Since her mother was practically her wedding planner, only they knew the intricate details of the wedding.  The day before the wedding, the chair sashes were stuck upstate because of flooding and couldn’t be delivered.  The only solution was for mother and daughter to drive an hour and half to go get them the day before her wedding.  Now I think you know where I’m going with this story.  HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER BRIDES!

Her mother enjoyed the wedding planning process and I completely understand not hiring a full service wedding planner in that case.  However, planning a wedding for over 200 people is a lot work.  The last 8 weeks are the busiest and a helping hand can be a life saver.  If she had a planner, they could have a) picked up the sashes for them, b) found another vendor with the same or similar sashes or c) found a way for them to be delivered. 

Wedding planning packages come in all shapes and sizes.  If you choose not to have a full service wedding planner, you should consider partial planning or what I like to call the final touch package.  A partial wedding planning package will give you guidance and support through out the planning process but it will allow you to be hands on.  A final detail package will give you support and guidance during those last weeks of planning.  Both options will give you a planner to manage your wedding day and save your sanity. 

Now of course I would love to help you plan your wedding so if you would like to see how I can help you with your wedding plans, please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.  If you choose another planner, I'm slightly hurt but what's important to me is your happiness so please look into hiring a planner!! 

Live.Laugh.Love….. Luxuriate!
Deniesha Joseph

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