Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Guest Blogger - Alison Friedman of The Wedding Yentas

Today we have a special guest blogger Alison Friedman from The Wedding Yentas.  I came across The Wedding Yentas in my search for finding information on multicultural weddings.  Since the blog is all about Celebrating Your Culture whatever it maybe, I thought the best way to give my Jewish Brides some advice is to find the best of the best!!

The Wedding Yentas posts fresh, daily blogs covering everything from Real Jewish Weddingsexplanations of traditions, DIY ideas, the latest wedding trends, and giveaways! You can also find a growing Vendor Directory filled with elite wedding professionals who can help make your day absolutely perfect! Alison Friedman owns and operates The Wedding Yentas and is a wannabe Carrie Bradshaw of all things wedding! Alison began planning her wedding at the age of 5 with the help of her Barbie and Ken dolls. 

Now, if you’re planning a Jewish wedding, you’re likely trying to fill your special day with family, tradition, and love. It’s no secret. These elements are the foundation of every Jewish wedding and it’s up to you to find ways to personalize the ceremony and reception. Modern, mainstream weddings can include many Jewish traditions and secular ideas to create one beautiful event.  The Wedding Yentas is here to whisper ideas in your head and you can go on and take the credit later! 

Before the wedding day, you will select and purchase a ketubah, the Jewish marriage contract. While its text has been on the ketubahs of married couples for generations and generations, the artwork surrounding the written promise can be a reflection of you as a unique couple. From modern borders with simple artwork to watercolor pieces with colors to match your home décor, there are so many options to help you express yourself as a couple.

Have time alone. In Hebrew, this alone time is called yichud, and back in the day, this would be when the just-married couple would, well, make the marriage official. If you know what I mean. Bow chicka bow bow. This does not mean you need to schlep your lingerie to your wedding venue and get it on. Instead, use this time alone to reflect on all that’s just happened like, you know, you just got married – !!!! – and have some privacy as you get to know your partner as your new husband or wife. Also, make sure there’s something to nosh on wherever you choose to enjoy your yichud and consider it your first meal together as a married couple. You will probably not have a chance to eat much later on anyway, so it’s good for the soul and the tummy.

At your reception, display a photo collection of important weddings in your family. This is a great way to tip your hat to the loved ones who hold a special place in your heart, especially if they are models of love and marriage for you and your partner. Plus, it’s neat to see vintage weddings of grandparents and the styles of  your parents’ 1970s weddings are just downright cool. This photo gallery doesn’t have to be a centerpiece at your reception, but can have its own special place to glow and attract visitors. Just think, one day your photo can join those cherished ones at the wedding of your children. Goosebumps, right?

Everyone knows that a Jewish wedding reception is festive and fun. The horah dance also involves the newlyweds being lifted up in chairs as the wedding guests surround them and cheer. It’s a fun moment for everyone, and you can ask your favorite strong men to do the honor of lifting you both as everyone celebrates your new marriage from down on the floor. If you’re looking for more ways to honor people outside of your bridal party, you may also consider asking a loved one to say the Ha-Motzi, the prayer over the challah. Also, you’ll need two witnesses to sign your ketubah. The signers can be anyone who’s Jewish and not a blood relative of the bride and groom. These are all jobs that don’t feel like work and are special ways to let certain people know you care about them.

Thanks Alison for some great tips on planning a modern day Jewish wedding.  For more ideas to make your wedding a reflection of you two, swing by The Wedding Yentas for fresh material, real Jewish weddings, photo spreads, posts by real brides, and fun giveaways! Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter because it’s always a good time dishing with a Yenta!

Live.Laugh.Love….. Luxuriate!

Deniesha Joseph

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