Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 Wedding Trends - Celebrity Weddings Influences the Masses

2011 was the year for big celebrity weddings that we all got to witness. Sherri Sheperd's sweet nuptials, Niecy Nash's dream wedding, Kim K's television extravaganza and of course The Royal Wedding.  I predict this will influence weddings for the 2012 and 2013 wedding seasons.  Brides will bring lots of opulence, luxury and over the top aspects to their weddings.  

Dresses & Dress Codes 
All of these brides have one thing in common; multiple dresses.  For their ceremony, they had beautiful, more traditional gowns and then they changed into a sexy and sassy dresse to enjoy their reception. Kim had 3 dress to be exact!!  Most brides wont go that far but many b will purchase a second dress for their reception. 
Tip: Give your second dress the same grand entrance as your ceremony dress.  Have your entrance announced, have a first or second dance with your husband and this will be the signal to your guests that the party has started!

Something that's sexy, fun and made for partying.  The bridesmaids dresses will be turned up a notch as well.  Kim's and Kate's all white bridal party was a hit.  Niecy's purple bridesmaids dresses were stunning and each bridesmaid had a different version.  Letting your bridesmaids' personal style shine will be a hit.  I also see having the guests participate with their wedding day attire will be a trend that catches some tractions.  Kim's black and white wedding was beautiful for the photo ops! 

Celebrity's have a bigger wedding budget than most of us so we got to see flowers in abundance, spectacular lighting and special touches.  These over the top weddings will be a source of inspiration for many brides.  Large scale centerpieces never go out of style and they will be bigger with lots of sparkle.  More attentition to the ceremony decor will be paid.  We can also expect small details that go a long way.  
Tip: Don't let the celebrity price tag scare you away from having the over the top decor for your wedding.  Show your inspiration to your wedding planner, designer and/or florist. It is our job to take the look and make yours.  This includes making it happen at a budget that works for you. I get these request all the time and I always make it work! 

Large Weddings 
Kim had 400 guests and the world got to witness the royal wedding.  200 plus guests lists will be happening this year.  The rule will be the more the merrier!!! A wedding with a big party is always fun so why no celebrate with as many people as your check book allows you too!! 
Tip: Remember the more people you invite, the more you will spend on everything!! This is one more plate with the caterer, another favor, another program and it may mean additional centerpieces.  So feel free to invite as many as you want but keep your budget in the back of your mind.

I stand corrected, there are two things these brides have in common.  They all carried white bouquets.  Different flowers but the traditional white bouquet will be requested by many brides this coming season.
Tip: I love a white bouquet and this is just my opinion on this, the bigger the better!! Love white flowers in abundance!! 

Whatever influences you, just remember to make it your own!! It's nice to have inspiration but it even better when your wedding reflects who you are as a couple. 

Live.Laugh.Love….. Luxuriate!

Deniesha Joseph

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