Friday, October 2, 2009

Bridal Party Gifts

Every client I work with seems to stumble when it comes to finding the right gifts for their bridal party. Most couples want to try something different from the traditional bridal party gifts but they aren’t sure what would be a great gift. I always say practical and useful is the way to go. Also they don’t all have to have the same gift. They have different personalities so why not get them each a gift they would each appreciate. Here are some suggestions just to get you started.

The Music Lover
Everyone has an IPod these days so why not help then accessorize their IPod or an ITunes gift card.

The Coffee Drinker
If you have a friend that can’t live without their morning cup of Joe then they would appreciate a gift card from Starbucks or their favorite coffee place.

A Little Pampering
For the bridal party member that enjoys a mani and pedi then a they would appreciate a gift card to a luxurious spa.

The Movie Lover
If you have a friend that goes to the movies for every opening then a night out on you will be what they need after being a part of your wedding.

Keep in mind that these gifts will probably run you the same amount as the traditional wedding gift so don’t worry about the cost. Just remember how much they have done for you during your wedding planning process.

Happy Planning,

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