Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Setting A Date

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m dedicating some time to all the newly engaged couples. So this week is all about tips and advice for them!!

For 2008 the most popular date to get married was 08.08.08. This year 09.09.09 will not be as popular because it’s a Wednesday but I’m sure some couples will choose this date. A Wednesday wedding is very uncommon but there are some of benefits to this 09.09.09 date. A week day wedding cost much less than a weekend wedding. Most venues, if not all have a lower fee during the week. If you are planning a wedding on a budget, this may be the date for you. I know of you are thinking, A Wednesday Wedding, no way!! But I think this can be a wedding all of your friends and family will remember. Your wedding is already unique, it’s on a Wednesday!!

Here are some other dates to consider:

Holiday Weekends:
Pro: You can have a Sunday wedding with a Saturday night feeling. Most people don’t have to work the next day so you can have that evening wedding you always wanted.
Con: Some people plan vacations during those weekends so you risk the chance of losing some guests. Also if you have out of town guest, traveling during the holiday is usually cost more.

Friday or Sunday Weddings:
Pro: The fee for your venue of choice is usually lower than a Saturday. These days will help save a couple of dollars per head.
Con: For Friday, people are you usually coming straight from work and you may run the chance of people running late and you may not want to inconvenience your guest. For Sunday, people have to work the next day if it’s not a holiday weekend. Bottom line it’s not Saturday and some people just like the Saturday night wedding.

Saturday Weddings:
Pro: Saturday night is the most popular day to get married. Your guest are available to attend and it’s the most convenient day of the week.
Con: It’s the most expensive day to get married. The average Saturday night wedding cost $150.00 per person, you can have the same menu on a Friday or Sunday for an average cost of $100.00 per person. That's a big savings!!
Are you getting married in 2010? Well consider this date . . . . . . .

It has a nice ring to it and it's a Sunday!!

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph
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