Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Honeymoon Registries

(CoCo Reef Resort, Tobago)

I was on a short vacation last week to visit my mother in the Caribbean; Trinidad to be exact!! While I was there I was inspired by so many things but today I will start with Honeymoons!! Honeymoon registries that is!

Do you already live with your fiancé and don’t want to end up with 5 gravy bowls at your bridal shower? If so, a honeymoon registry is the perfect solution. Honeymoon registries have become very popular because today many couples are living together before they tie the knot. It’s also saves money and who doesn’t like a bargain? You can register for an upgrade to your honeymoon sweet, air miles, water sport activities or a romantic beach front dinner. The price range is great too. It gives your guest so much to choose from. There are many destinations to choose from as well. From exotic Africa to the romantic Caribbean, you can find a honeymoon registry. I love this idea because it saves you money, helps your bridal shower guests pick a great gift and it adds so much fun to your honeymoon. Here are some sites that offer these services:


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