Monday, February 9, 2009

Groom’s Fashion – It’s His Day Too!!

I always try my best not to exclude the groom when I’m working with my clients but I’ve neglected to do so on with my blog. Shame on me!! It’s his big day too so let’s make sure he looks his best.

Wedding attire is a major part of the wedding. Your attire of choice should go with the tone of the wedding. I have noticed that this is a detailed that is easily overlooked. For the groom and the groomsmen, here are some helpful tips on choosing the right attire.

Informal: Business suit, white shirt and a tie

Semi-Formal Daytime: Formal suit, white shirt, vest, tie or bow tie

Formal Daytime: Cutaway or stroller jacket, waistcoat, stripped trousers, white wing collared shirt, striped tie, studs and cufflinks

Formal Evening: Black dinner jacket, matching trousers, waistcoat, white tuxedo shirt, cufflinks, vest, cummerbund or vest

Very Formal Day Time: Cutaway coat, wing-collard shirt, ascot. Striped trousers or vest

Very Formal Evening: Black tailcoat, matching striped trousers, white wing collared shirt, waistcoat, patent leather shoes, studs and cufflinks, gloves

I know some of these details may be somewhat old fashion for some of you but take the pointers given, update the look and make it your own!!

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph
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design a la mod said...

I love your blog! Such great inspiration!

PS: I left you an award on my post today! Have a great week!

Couture Events by D said...

Thanks Chelsea!! Have a great week!

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