Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Workout Plan - Getting Fit for the Big Day

In less than 90 days I’ll be turning 30.  I’ve been keeping a countdown since my 29th birthday because I’ve had some things I wanted to make sure I accomplished before the big 30.  On the top of the list is to lose weight and I have not lost a pound. Correction, I lost 6 but I’m pretty sure I gained it all back because I haven’t see the inside of my gym for over a month.  So with less than 90 days left I’m determine to drop a size (hopefully two) by my birthday.

When I hit the 90 day mark, I thought of all the brides out there that try to lose weight, shape up and tone up for their wedding.  I have yet to work with a bride who didn’t say I want to lose some weight before the wedding, no matter what size they were, even the size 2 brides.  It’s nerve wrecking to look at the calendar each day and count down until your bid day. In my case, the big day is my birthday.  So instead of the pressure of the countdown, why don’t we all just take it day by day, do the best we can and if we fall off the wagon just hop back on tomorrow.  If all fails, just remember SPANX is your friend!!

I’ll be checking in from time to time with my road to slimming down.  I hope you share your stories as well.

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph

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