Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This Isn’t Your Mother’s Bridal Shower!!

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For today’s chic and fabulous bride, the traditional bridal shower just won’t cut it. In 2009, we are Prada purse carrying, blackberry having, internet savvy, super stylish women. Break free from the tradition and throw your friend an updated bridal shower she will never forget. When planning the bridetobe’s bridal shower, you should base the theme on her personality. Think of her favorite things from her past and present. Keep her personality in mind at all times and makes sure it shows throughout the shower. Is she a martini drinker? Doe she love shoes? What her favorite food? What’s her favorite movie? What does she love to do on a Saturday? These simple questions can help you with the direction of the shower theme. As the legendary Colin Cowie once said, “Love is in the details darlin”. Of course the traditional aspects of a shower can still be incorporated. The shower games and opening of the gifts are still the crowd’s favorite. Even if she's a traditional gal that wears pearls, you can still add a modern spin to it. By adding her personality, this gives the shower a more personal feeling and makes it unique from the traditional shower. Whatever you do just make sure it’s a shower the bride will always remember.

Most Popular Shower Themes

The Spa Theme - Host the shower at a spa or have the spa come to you for mani, pedi and back rubs.

The Sunday Brunch Theme - Have a Sunday Brunch at her favorite restaurant and have the guest wear hats.

The Martini Theme - Host a martini party with speciality cocktails with oversized martini glasses for the decor.
Unisex Bridal Shower - Invite the guys and make it a great party for the couple.

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