Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is This Thing On?

For every couple I work with, about one month before their wedding we have a meeting to discuss all the wedding day details. This meeting is to ensure all t’s are crossed and all i’s are dotted. We go over every single detail with ease but the one subject that always causes a bump in the road are the speeches. I always add it to the to do list but when it comes time to make the final decision, I get dead air. What I’ve come to learn is the couple is usually nervous about this portion of their wedding. They don’t want embarrassing stories told about them. They don’t want the speeches to go on for too long. Or they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by not giving someone the opportunity to share some kind words. The speeches can be a tricky thing to figure out but don’t worry I have some solutions.

One way to decipher how to handle the speeches is to simple think about the kind of couple you are. Are you party people, are social people, are sentimental or do you shy away from the spot light. Also think about the people in your family and their personalities. You may have some family members that are shy or some who are waiting for the mic to come their way. These questions will guide your choice on how to handle the speeches. If you want to party as much as you can, then you will keep the speeches to the minimum. The bestman, maid of honor and the parents will do just fine. This will only take about 20 minutes. If you are on the sentimental side, you can have an open mic format but with a time limit. Let your DJ or MC know how long you want the speeches to go on (it shouldn’t be long then 30 minutes, you don’t want your other guest to get bored) and once the time is up the DJ can gracefully wrap it up and move on to the next portion of the wedding day festivities.

If you want a select few to give a speech, let the chosen ones know this before the wedding. This will give them time to prepare something. You don’t want anyone winging it at your wedding. This will be uncomfortable for you them and you.

If you want to avoid embarrassing stories coming out, have the speeches before the party gets started. Liquid courage may encourage some family members to say something they wouldn’t have said with a sober mind. You can’t avoid them all but this is sure to help.

Whether you decide to have assigned speeches or an open mic, one key piece of advice I always give to my clients is to have the speeches during dinner. All of your guest will be seated and you have their attention. Also you will get the most of your time so you can party the night away.

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