Monday, May 4, 2009

Ask The Planner - Cocktails or Mocktails?

Q: My fiancé and I are Christians and we do not drink alcohol at all. Most of our guests are Christians as well but some of our guests do drink socially. We do not wish to serve alcohol for our reception. All of our friends and family know we don’t drink so I think they will be fine with a non alcoholic reception. I want to serve non alcholic versions of popular drinks like daquiries and pina colodas but a couple of my friends are telling me to serve some alcohol. Also I don’t want my guest drinking and driving. Is this a good idea or will my guest be disappointed?

Soon to be Mrs. Browne

A: Well first congratulations on your engagement and I hope the planning process is going well. Your friends and family do respect your beliefs but you have to respect their choice as well. I’m sure when they visit your home; they do not expect to have a glass of wine. However this is not a small gathering of family and friends, this is the biggest party you will ever have. People do enjoy having cocktails at a wedding and they look forward to it. I think it’s best to serve wine and beer at the least. This will accommodate your guests that do drink. Your idea of coming up with non alcoholic cocktails is a great idea. Many frozen drinks can be done in a non alcoholic version, like pina colodas and daiquiris. Also, consider the time of day your wedding is taking place. If you’re having an evening wedding, there is an anticipation of alcoholic beverages. You may want to consider an early afternoon wedding. I think this will best suite the type of wedding you are having and people usually drink less early in the day. If you are still not convinced, think of it like this; if you were attending a wedding and the bride was a vegetarian, would you expect a vegetarian meal? Probably not right? It’s the same situation just a different element. I hope I was able to help you solve your planning dilemma.

Happy Planning,

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Margaret of Ivory Pearl Bridal Mall said...

I think that you should serve just mocktails. Your guests came to support you and will respect your wishes for a non alcoholic wedding because of their love for the two of you.

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