Monday, October 13, 2008

Takiyah & Roy October 5, 2008 They did it for love!!

Congratulations to Takiyah and Roy Henderson. They were my recent clients that tied the knot on Sunday, October 5, 2008. It was an absolute pleasure working with this couple. The bride came to me when she had a décor hurdle she wasn’t sure how to fix. She knew what she wanted but didn’t want to blow her budget achieving it. We worked together and got creative with the décor options to help stay within her desired budget. She wanted to incorporate the color red with the aqua bridesmaids’ dresses she had chosen. The final look was fabulous!!

The centerpieces were a mix of black baccaria, red france and hot pink roses set on a tall stand filled with pink colored water.

The ceremony décor was simple yet elegant. The aisle was filled with rose petals and the alter was a simple arrangement of long stem red roses with branches for a touch of fall.

Roy was a calm and low maintenance groom with one request. He wanted to make sure his family and friends had a good time and they all shared in their special day. My favorite moments were the groom’s heartfelt speech to his bride and his guest. He shared a story about each guest and expressed how everyone had touched their lives. It was so amazing!!

And then the bride made a big entrance in a beautiful red strapless mermaid dress to go with the color scheme and theme of the day. It was a perfect entrance and it got everyone on the dance floor as they stepped in the name of love.

It was a beautiful day and I will always remember Takiyah and Roy!! Best of luck to you!!

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Anonymous said...

Ohh this blog is so nice. You were wonderful to work with as well and the wedding was everything I dreamed it would be.
I hope you continue to help couple pull off the biggest celebration of love they will ever have. Thanks so much.

Takiyah J-Henderson

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