Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Planning on a budget!!

With all of the turmoil with the economy these days, it has inspired me to write about Brides on a Budget. Many couples are opting for a low profile wedding. To all the brides that are planning a wedding on a budget, please know that it can be done, even if you live in NY. Many brides believe because they are on a budget, they can’t afford a wedding planner/coordinator. This is completely false. Most wedding coordinators, if not all have different packages to choose from. You should choose the package that offers support and guidance throughout the planning process and day of coordination. This package is usually less expensive than a full service planning package. This will give you help with making decisions and they can use their resources to help you find vendors that work with your budget. They will also be there the day of your wedding to execute your vision. The reason I suggest hiring a wedding planner is not because I am a fellow planner. It’s because I have worked with brides on a tight budget and they usually come to me when it’s too late to help them. We are here to help not to make matters worse. Of course there are some planners you may not be able to afford but shop around, I’m sure you will find one. There are many talented wedding planners out there. (myself included, wink wink) Here are some more tips for saving money on your wedding day.

Be a DIY Bride!!
Are you crafty? Well put it to work my glue gun toting bride!! There are many ways to use this talent that will save you money. Your wedding stationary is one of them. There are many DIY kits on the market that will give professional and polished stationary. You can also check with your local stationary store for design programs and a wide selection of paper. My favorite stationary store is Paper Presentation located on 18th Street in NYC. They have a huge selection of paper and accessories with a knowledgeable staff that can help you choose the right items for your needs. You can also put your craft skills to use by making your own favors. CD’s are very inexpensive to create and it’s useful to your guest. The right play list will go a long way.

Making budget conscience decisions!!
The choices you make during the planning process will help you stay within your desired budget. For example, having an early Sunday wedding is less expensive than the ever popular Saturday night wedding. A buffet style reception is also less than having a formal sit down dinner. Your floral designs are also a big ticket item. If you love the look of tall lavish center pieces, how about mixing in some low center pieces. This will give you the look you want and still save some money. Another easy way to save is to cut down the guest list where ever possible. The more guest you have, the more expenses you will have. Look over your list and see which guest can be eliminated without hurting their feelings. This may only equate to 10 people but it’s 10 less seats to pay for, 10 less favors, 10 less invitations and the list goes on. This can save you hundreds of dollars in the end. The right decisions will go a long way in the end.

Track your spending!!
By keeping an accurate account of your expenses, it will help you make budget conscious decisions. For example, if you went over budget for your reception, you can cut cost in another area like the invitations. Being aware of your cost will keep you on top of your budget at all times. You don’t want to be surprised with a 50k bill and your desired budget was really 30k. Create a spread sheet and punch in you expenses as they occur. This will help you keep track of your spending and you will always have a clear picture of the final cost of your wedding.

Happy Planning!!

Deniesha Joseph

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