Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ceremony Ritual - Ring Warming

My job as a wedding blogger and wedding planner is to share great information I find.  When I read this blog, I just had to share this with you.  If I ever tie the knot, this will definetly be apart of my ceremony.

Looking for a way to pesonalize your wedding ceremony or step away from other traditions? Well I think you will love this idea, Ring Warming Ceremony posted by Interfaith Minister by the name of Dawn.  During a ring warming, the couple’s wedding rings are passed among their guests, who are asked to say a prayer or make a wish for the couple over the rings while holding them. Read her post for helpful advice and more how to have a ring warming ceremony for your wedding.

Deniesha Joseph,

Wedded Luxe - Luxury Wedding Planning & Couture Designs

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Dawn said...

Thank you Deniesha! I'm with you, when I jump the broom I will definitely include a ring warming in the ceremony. It's a hit with many of the couples I marry too!

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