Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ask The Planner

Here's a question that I received as a comment for my post on Destination Weddings

Q: Thanks soooo much for doing this post. I have been thinking loooong & hard about this option!

D, I've decided that I want to have a destination wedding with a really grand reception/party for all my family & friends when I get back. Now of course pricing can be high no matter what you do (depending on how BIG you do things) however I was looking at this option as a way to save $$. Do you think this is a smart plan or is this just as expensive (generally speaking) as a traditional church wedding/reception?  Keep in mind that I plan on having approx. 25-30 ppl at the destination.

A: A destination wedding will definitely cut the cost of your wedding. Like you said, the cost can still get high depending on the choices you make but generally speaking it can cut cost. If your only reason for having a destination wedding is to cut cost than it would defeat the purpose if you come home and have a grand reception. If you want to have a reception/party when you return for those who couldn’t make it there are ways to do it without it being too pricey.

1) Instead of the tradition wedding reception, host a cocktail party. Serve heavy hor’douvers instead of a 3 course meal. Have a lounge style seating with couches and high ball tables. Have simple but elegant décor. This will decrease the cost of servers, food and floral.

2) If you leaning towards the summer months, you can host a barbeque and still make it look like a wedding celebration. It can casual but still elegant.

3) Remember, you already had a wedding so keep in mind that some of the traditions elements that add to the cost can be eliminated. So as exciting as it may be, resist the urge to hire a photographer, videographer, expensive invitations and so on. Keep it simple, remember you are already married. This party will be an extended celebration

Deniesha Joseph,
Wedded Luxe - Luxury Wedding Planning & Couture Designs

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