Monday, October 24, 2011

The Baby Shower

I truly miss blogging!! However, I don’t have the focus to blog and it’s been hard to except the fact that my life is different now that I am pregnant.  With this being my first child, I really wanted to take in every glorious moment of my pregnancy and I must say I’ve been very lucky with my experience. As much as I appreciate this experience and I am in love with my baby girl that’s not arrived yet, I also love being a wedding planner and designer.  The work has not stopped but the blogging has and that’s part of my job as well.  I will resume blogging after the baby arrives for sure and I promise to find the balance just like so many other wonderful mothers have done before me.
I am 38 weeks pregnant and I could go into labor any day now but before I do I wanted to share my baby shower with you.  It was AMAZING!! It was everything I wanted and so much more. We didn’t want a traditional shower at all.  We really wanted to have a cocktail party that included all of our friends and family but the purpose is to celebrate our baby girl and boy did we celebrate.  There was food and cocktails and games and music and so much love in the room! There was even a delicious signature drink made by my sister that everyone loved!! They nicked named it Pink Vegas!! I didn't get at the opportunity to have any of course but everyone loved it.  Although the shower was our vision, my mother, sister and the rest of my family all executed it perfectly! And of course no event is complete without a great vendor team!! Here are some images taken by the talented Chad Pennington of So Be It Art Photography whom also took our maternity pictures which lead to the best baby shower invitations EVER that were designed by LePenn Designs!!

DJ + Cliff Sneek Peek from Chad Pennington on Vimeo.

Photography - SoBeItArt Photography 
Invitations & Stationary - LePenn Designs 
Ballons - Ballons & Tings
Cake & Cake Pops - BCakeNY
Desserts - Tonnie's Minis
Cotton Candy  Lollipops - Candy Girl Cotton Candy 

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