Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wedding Etiquette - Wedding Favors

Staying on topic of favors, I thought I’d address a common question I get asked by couples all the time; how many favors should I order or how do we give them to our guests. This all depends on the favor you give and here is how to make the decision.  By the way, that's a favor display at a Wedded Luxe past wedding.  The favors doubled as escort cards.  When it comes to favors, presentation goes a long way!

1) If it’s edible, you should give one to each guests. You can’t expect a couple to share a slice of cake.

2) If it’s a souvenir or some kind of keepsake, you should give one per household or per couple.  If the couple doesn't live together, be sure to give each their own.

3) If you are giving a favor that will double as a escort card then you should give one per household or per couple. An easy rule of thumb is it should be given the same way you address your invitations.

You see, it's that simple.  I hope this helps those faced with the challenge of purchasing favors for their upcoming wedding.

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph


Clara said...

Hi Deniesha,

First of all...I am loving you ideas girl!!..Thank you soo much. Im getting married in the month of December on the island of St.Maarten (Caribbean) my colors are canary yellow, beige suites for the guys and lilac accents...for my bouquet will be using freshly picked Caribbean flowers from the garden. However, I'm still pondering about what kind of favours I should use and deco etc..Can you please help me

Kind regards,

Wedded Luxe said...

Hi Clara,

I'm glad you are loving the blog!! I'll answer your question on a special post I like to call Ask The Planner next week!

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