Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wedding Favors - Caribbean Style

In case you are just tuning into the blog, I’ve mentioned that my family is from the Caribbean. If you’ve ever been to a Caribbean wedding or if you will be attending one the traditional wedding favor is a slice of what we call “Black Cake” which is our version of fruit cake. It’s made with minced currants, prunes and raisons. The fruits are minced and soaked in wine or rum for at least a month. Then when it is ready they are mixed in with cake batter. The end result is a rich, delicious cake in a beautiful black color. Hence why we call it “Black Cake”.

The cake is usually iced, cut and given in a box with the wedding date and the couples’ name. Now I love traditions and I’m all for infusing your culture into your wedding but sometimes the traditions needs to be modernized and here is how to do so.

I always love edible favors for weddings favors so we’ve already started on a good foot. But instead of simply slicing a whole cake, consider making them into individual cakes for your guest to enjoy. It can be something as simple as your monogram with your wedding day. Remember presentation is everything. Finding a beautiful cake box will go a long way than the traditional white box with gold or silver writing.

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Deniesha Joseph

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