Monday, March 2, 2009

Vendor Profile - Dante Williams of Dante Williams Photography

I’m always searching for new and talented vendors to work with so when I found Dante Williams of Dante Williams Photography I was elated!! His work is fabulous!! My favorites are the pictures that are not planned, just him capturing a moment. It adds so much to a wedding album when you can capture the emotions of the day and he does it so well. It seems like he was a guest at your wedding, not just the photographer. Another great aspect to his work; he captures the details. Couples spend months choosing special additions to their wedding and they may miss it come wedding day. Having the opportunity to see it again when it’s all over is just wonderful. Here are some thoughts from the man himself!

What inspired you to become a wedding photographer? I started my career shooting decors, floral arrangements, and wedding-set ups for some college friends that are in the industry. On my first assignment, I borrowed a friends’ point-and-shoot camera and went about taking pictures for the fun of it all. Some of these first images taken later appeared in a magazine, and from there I was hooked. My ego took over, and I set constant goals to be bigger and better. I wanted to shoot the most fun couples, at some of the best venues, in the best locations, and get published in the best magazines. I’ve since modified my goals as I’ve matured. Now it’s all about the couple…if there’s a chemistry between them and myself, we’re guaranteed to make some awesome images and have fun. Creativity is fed by positive vibes, and I’m happy to say that all of my clients give these.

What can couples expect when if they choose you for their wedding? Brutal honesty. Otherwise, I really don’t think couples should expect anything. It’s usually the unexpected that they will end up receiving anyway. When choosing a photographer, couples are basically trusting that photographer with capturing everything that they deem special on their wedding day. I aim to inspire trust in couples. When they trust me, they become free to enjoy the moment, and this is what makes my photography special. It’s those unrehearsed, un-posed, completely candid moments that no one expected would happen that end up becoming their favorite images from the day.

When you are working with a couple, how do you ensure their wedding pictures are unique? The number one thing that I insist on the couple doing on their wedding day is simple…to have fun. Don’t worry about the pictures at all. A capable photographer will capture your moments accurately, and for me that’s the most important thing during a wedding. Couples that hire me generally like the way I capture their moments…but I give them the credit for making the images special. I only take credit for being prepared to capture it. My style is very pure and simple, so it’s not the technique I used to capture an image but the content that makes it special.

What is your favorite part of a wedding? The preparation…I love the mood swings that happen during the moments leading to the ceremony. Whether it be nervousness and anxiety, or pure happiness and frivolity, the feelings are usually intense, and they can change at the drop of a dime. This time of day is often intimate, and it affords opportunity for people to open up. Some of my favorite images are taken during this time.

Here are some of my favorite photos. Thank you Dante for sharing your fabulous work!!

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph
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