Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wedding Coordinator Vs. Wedding Planner

I just read a very helpful blog on the difference between a wedding coordintor and a wedding planner on and I thought I would share with all the brides out there who are looking for a wedding planner or a wedding coordinator. This blog helps distinguish the difference between the two and helps you get a better idea on deciding what you need for your wedding day.

I consider myself to be a wedding planner and designer. My services provide guidance and support through out the wedding planning process. I advise my clients on every aspect of their wedding. From choosing the right location to the perfect shade of purple!! I am a designer for two reason; 1) I have a backround in floral design and I've created all my past clients floral designs for their wedding and 2) Designing a wedding is not just about flowers, it's about taking a vision in bringing it to life by including all of the elements of a wedding. You have to consider color palettes, location, attire and stationary. All of these elements tie into the design aspect of wedding planning.

So brides as you search for a wedding planner or coordinator, this blog will help you make the choice that's best for your wedding plans. Take a look at the article from here:

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