Monday, November 24, 2008

The Queen of Wedding Cakes – Sylvia Weinstock!!

I had the honor and pleasure to interview the queen of cakes, Sylvia Weinstock of Sylvia Weinstock Cakes. I’ve been a fan of hers for a very long time so the having the opportunity to meet her was like a teenager meeting the cast of High School Musical.

I was invited to her office where she does all of her baking and decorating. It’s a quaint brick building and as soon as you step in the elevator, you can smell the aroma of cake and sugar. When you see Sylvia the first thing you see is her inviting smile and her trademark glasses. The office was in full swing at 10:00 am. She was on the phone making arrangements for a cake that was being delivered to The Middle East and working with Mr. Fabulous himself, Preston Bailey!! What a way to start the day but it seems liked the norm in this office. I wanted to stay all day but it was clear they were busy so a settled for a little conversation and a picture of Mrs. Weinstock!

After 20 years in the business, she is still involved on a daily basis and works almost 7 days a week. I guess you would have to when your cakes travel all across the world. I always wondered how all of her cakes were so beautiful and so unique from the other. When I asked her what inspired her, she simply stated “everything”. She doesn’t follow any trends; she said to me the bride is the trend. Whatever the bride is inspired by then she uses that for her inspiration. Mrs. Weinstock did offer brides some words of wisdom. “Be sure to use a reputable and a board of health certified baker. Be sure to get a sample and confirm all arrangements”. Words of wisdom from the best in the business so take key brides!

Sylvia Weinstock also has a book out called Sylvia Weinstock’s Sensational Cakes. It’s filled with beautiful pictures, recipes and back stories straight from Sylvia.
Thank you Mrs. Sylvia Weinstock for taking the time to chat with me!! You made a dream come true!!

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph
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