Friday, November 20, 2009

New Name, New Blog.... Same Great Planner!

Last year I seriously contemplated changing the name of my company. I wasn’t sure but something was telling me I had to do it. I always received compliments on Couture Events by D but that was after repeating it about 3 times and spelling it out for about 5 minutes over the phone. Thus the reason for the name change. I loved the old name because it included me but then I realized that no matter the name of the company, it will always represent me and what I stand for as a wedding planner and designer. The quality of services I provide my clients will always be the very best. I will still go above and beyond for my clients and most importantly no matter what I love what I do.
Now finding the new name wasn’t easy. I could never think of something that really represented what I wanted it to say. Then enters Michelle Slaughter of HerPresign. She’s the best PR rep I girl could ask for and she came at the right time. She provided me with some suggestions and after brainstorming (while I spent my day at the hair salon) I took her suggestions and found my voice!! After the name was created, I hit the ground running. Now I had to find a new logo design and I turned to the very talented Le’Trice of LePenn Designs. I worked with Le’Trice this past August and I knew when it was time for my makeover I would turn to her. She was absolutely fabulous!!

Wedded Luxe says exactly what I want my clients to feel…. Luxurious! Having luxuries in life are about simply enjoying life’s wonderful treasures. It’s not about spending 100k on your wedding it’s about being able to enjoy every moment of the wedding planning process and every second of your wedding day. This is what I want the wedding planning process to be like for my clients, indulgence and enjoyment. It’s what I’ve always stood for and I will always continue to do so.

With the new name brought new features. I’m now on Twitter so please follow me there for my commentary on my life and behind the scenes of wedding planning. I also started a facebook fan page(coming soon) so don’t’ hesitate to show some love and become a fan. For the New Year you can expect a lot more changes. The new website will make its debut on January1, 2010 so stay tuned. Please visit the Couture Event by D website for information on services in the mean time. There will be some new services to provide more brides with their wedding planning needs. And of course, more great blog postings to inspire and assist brides who are planning their upcoming nuptials!!

Special thank you to Michelle and LeTrice for your help.  It couldn't have been done without you!!

Happy Planning,

Deniesha Joseph
Wedded Luxe Wedding Planning & Design Services
Providing Luxury Wedding Planning to Every Bride

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Congrats on the new name! Best of luck

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